Expert Advice on Choosing the Right Shower Door
Is it time to upgrade your shower door but are unsure on how to go about it? Could you be in need of a brand new shower door for your new home? Read more here to see some factors you should factor in when selecting a shower door.
The first order of business is to understand more about the shower enclosure and space that you are dealing with. What are the dimensions of the space where the shower is, how much time will you need every time you are cleaning up to get the shower door clean, and how much room is there between the other fixtures in the house and the shower? You should read more here to know more about the requirements that you need to have before ordering that shower door.
Consider the type of shower door that you want to have installed as well. Granted that there are several choices here as well. Something like the frameless door has a sturdy tempered glass that gives a shower that modern clean look. It has an allure because it makes the shower look beautiful from all angles and as a result, it is a favorite for many even if it comes at twice the cost of most of the options. Another good option would be the semi-frameless door that has a 3/8 inch tempered glass but whose price is lower. There is always the framed shower enclosures and glass enclosures that could choose from as well. You shall have to understand the pros and cons of each choice and for that, read more here.
You will also need to think about the types of opening styles. A hinge door otherwise also known as the swinging door or the pivoting shower door is the one that works best for the traditional bathroom. Other options here include the sliding door which works really well for a narrow bathroom and tub enclosure and the bi-fold shower door that is best suited for a small bathroom. To make a well-informed decision, read more here to fully know what each of these doors can bring to the table.
Yet another thing to put in mind is the hardware. Somewhere in the future after getting it installed, the shower enclosure may break. Therefore it is best to pick one that is made with high quality hardware and comes with a lifetime warranty on moving parts like the roller and hinges. Getting a long service out of a shower door is as simple as putting this in mind when choosing a shower door. Also ensure that the shower door is something that blends in with the rest of the house. To find out more about high quality hardware when it comes to shower doors, read more here.