A Guide to Challenge Coins

There are many soldiers who have fought and suffered in different wars and challenge coins are being used in the military to recognize these war veterans.

But what is a challenge coin? Men and women who have worked hard serving their country during the war are given a sign of honor through these challenge coins. These coins honor the selflessness of these individuals.

Challenge coins are small, metal-like coins that have designs that indicate what they are for. These coins are used to honor diligence and hard work. You can also consider using challenge coins in your organization With it, you can give honor to good employees, associates or coworkers. In your challenge coin design, you may include the motto of your organization and the accomplishment of the individual receiving it.

There is a known history to every challenge coin. These were first used to appreciate soldiers during World War I. Many soldiers still receive challenge coins today as a symbol of honor.

During military events, soldiers receive challenge coins from the president or a senior commander. There is a unique story behind every coin that is being given to honor a serviceman. When soldiers graduate from the army, they are also given this coin for recognition.

Challenge coins are given to war heroes for their sacrifices during the war. The heroes of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were given challenge coins. Sometimes, challenge coins are given simply to recognize shared bonds like platoon commanders giving them to their soldiers.

You will know the level of seniority and rank of a military officer by the number of challenge coins that he owns. There are hundreds of challenge coins owners by some retired and serving military officers. Possessing many challenge coins simply mean that you have already risen through the ranks. The more your challenge coins are, the higher your rank is.

Challenge coins can also earn you real money. It is possible for you to find people who will pay money for your challenge coins. Some collectors exchange their coins for money while others use that coins as artifacts in museums.

It is not only the military that uses challenge coins. If you are a company owner, then you can also use challenge coins for your employees. When you recognize the special achievements of your employees, challenge coins can be used.

You can use challenge coins to award achievement. People can also use it in private if they want to recognize families, friends, or colleagues for their accomplishment.

Challenge coins are unique and personalized to fit your objectives. Making these coins a part of your moments and events will surely make the event more memorable. Hard workers need to be recognized and this can be achieved through challenge coins.

The size, design, and color scheme of the coin will determine its pricing. The pricing also depends on the dealer and the number of coins needed.